… and here’s the reason!

The little guy is getting on for 6 months old now and is totally fantastic! He’s even got me taking photos again.

Day 100 – Beach, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Bit of a while since I last posted but I’ve just gone past day 100 so I thought a post was most necessary. I’m so happy I was back in Brighton for the big day and I love this photo. It’s a bit of a cliche but I’m very pleased with how it came out.

Day 85 – Rain, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Janet’s off to Denver next week so she was late finishing at work tonight. I picked her up and we headed for the cinema. The less said about the movie the better but I’d brought my camera bag with me so I took a few snaps for today’s 365

Day 84 – Biffy, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

“Let’s go, I wanna go. All the way to the horizon” ~ Biffy Clyro (Mountains)

It’s been an amazing week’s worth of weather so far, the tennis at Wimbledon has been amazing. Students everywhere have been lounging about dodging taxes and topping up their tans while I’ve been stuck on an office with no air-con!

Still with scenery like this it’s hard to complain …

Day 83 – A Late One, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Janet pulling a late one out in the garden on a very warm summer’s evening.

Day 82 – JD, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Bit of a late one tonight, but I’ve been following Dustin Diaz’s 365 and he’s got a lot of inspirational Strobist work up there and it’s well worth taking a look at if you are after inspiration, google him I’m sure he’ll pop up!

Anyway I busted out my ebay strobe (Nikon SB24) and went happily about blasting ight at this poor, unsuspecting bottle of liquid gold. I used a sliver brolly to reflect the light from the strobe (positioned low and to the left of frame behind the bottle) as a fill.

Day 81 – Philo’s, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Ah, Philos’. The home of good coffee and excellent savouries. You can also find my wife Janet in there any luch-time she happens to be “working from-home”

Day 80 – Peeper, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

It’s been a hot day here again and the neighbours were having a birthday party for their two year old son. Janet and I stopped by for some beers and BBQ but I’m a little sad I didn’t try out the bouncy castle … it looked awsome!

Day 79 – Passing time, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Grabbed this outside the City Hall in the Market Square in Nottingham.

p.s. I also had my first “Explored” photo on flickr today, very exciting 🙂

Hi all,

I’ve been away for a while on a very lovely holiday in the Maldives and rather than flood my blog with weeks worth of images I’ll direct you to my flickr site (www.flickr.com/photos/shareandenjoy) to catch up with my 365. Daily posts will resume here tomorrow but for today here is my favourite image of the holiday.