February 2009

Let’s start something that’s going to be come a regular post, The Friday News.

Here’s my first selection:

Police Hunt ‘Radioactive Teacher‘ – slightly more serious than you first think

Snooping can be Hurtful – possibly the revalation of the day …

Fanzines Enter the pages of History – old fashioned bloging?

Tabbloid RSS app – a slice of Warren Ellis.


BonfireNight-6-1, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

This will be the first weekend in a while when we’re without somewhere to go, usually this is a good thing because it means a bit of a lie in, an afternoon wander around town and perhaps a movie in the evening or something. Unfortunately the place looks like a bomb site so it’ll be out with the hoover first thing Saturday morning to try and get it all sorted and leave some free time for the rest of the weekend.

Free time … I’ve got a lot I’d like to do with my free time this weekend. I’d like to get round to re-stringing my guitars and do a little practice, I never seem to pick them up as much as I used to these days. I’d like to go out and take some pictures, perhaps I can get out pre-dawn on Saturday so I’m back nice and early to start the house work.

I’ve been thinking about my finances and I need to get round to cancelling that gym membership, applying for a “cashback credit card” and perhaps even transferring my overdraft onto an intrest free credit card so I can pay it off more quickly without the overdraft interest charges. I was also thinking about selling my old CDs to raise some funds towards a new lens for my camera or perhaps even a new computer!

Anyway it’s still only Friday afternoon so let’s see what happens 🙂

Two posts in one day! What madness is this? Well I thought I ought to say that I uploaded the backlog of shows I’ve done over the last two months to the Brap FM website.

Sadly, I did it first thing this morning so they were not uploaded in date order but nevermind! You can download, or stream them by going to http://www.brap.fm/v3/archives and clicking “Exile with AndL” in the list of shows on the left hand Nav Bar.


Penguin watch, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

Not a lot occuring to me at the moment so I’m posting this picture for my dad (he loves penguins).

I took this at the Sea-Life Centre in Nagoya Port (Japan) and I think it came out pretty well considering it was indoors, poorly lit and from behind glass.

However I processed it with the other 90 pictures I decided to publish from my trip to Japan and, looking at it again I wonder if it could do with some more TLC. I love good black and white conversions and the more I look at it the more I think I could have done a better job with it.

I’m definitely one of those Photographers that’s into the post processing part of the hobby. I agree that you can’t make a bad photo look good in the dark-room but you can make a good photo look awsome!

I’m sure there will be a healthy amount of blog posts today on the subject of Lent, pancakes and other such Shrove Tuesday/Ash Wednesday fall-out.

Well my wife and I forgot it was Pancake Day yesterday so I picked her up from work and we went out to the movies. The film we saw was (just realised that “saw” is “was” backwards) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It turned out to be an almost perfect week-day movie. Only almost perfect because at 3 hours long it meant we didn’t get home until just before midnight.

The film was easy going and funny, thought provoking and emotional with a feel-good ending that helped put the week in perspective, and I didn’t notice the 3 hours pass. On a side note, Kate Blanchet looks AMAZING in it and of course there’s Brad Pitt for the girls.

One thing in particular that the film made me think about was the value of keeping a diary. While some things may seem insignificant and unworthy of note now, in the future it will be nice for me to look back and remember things I may have forgotten. Perhaps other people will be interested too but I think a diary is a mostly a personal record for one’s own pleasure. While my own life and experiences may not be significant to other people they are, to me, the my most treasured posessions as they remind me of who I am.

James at Nandos, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

I figured that on days when I can’t think of anything to write or when I simply don’t have anything to say, I can post a picture from my Flickr site.

Today it’s related to what I did last weekend, which was to attend the Christening of my wife’s God Son James Woodward. Now I’m not really the religious type but I do find that an occasional visit to church re-affirms my lack of faith in the Christian Religion.

Thanks very much but, like the 101st airborne, I don’t need saving, I don’t feel like apologising for who I am and I cannot accept teachings of acceptance and forgiveness from an organisation that has committed atrocities throughout history in the name of a “loving God”.

Still I am happy for those who find comfort in it and I hope that James grows up to form his own opinions on the subject.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve got a bee in my bonnet again about all things web design so I’m going to be trying to post more regularly and even develop this site and my own home page

The focus is going to be on my radio show on Brap fm and my attempts to get traffic through this site and my progress learning HTML, CSS and all those other acronyms associated with web development!

I hope you stay tuned 🙂