I’m sure there will be a healthy amount of blog posts today on the subject of Lent, pancakes and other such Shrove Tuesday/Ash Wednesday fall-out.

Well my wife and I forgot it was Pancake Day yesterday so I picked her up from work and we went out to the movies. The film we saw was (just realised that “saw” is “was” backwards) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It turned out to be an almost perfect week-day movie. Only almost perfect because at 3 hours long it meant we didn’t get home until just before midnight.

The film was easy going and funny, thought provoking and emotional with a feel-good ending that helped put the week in perspective, and I didn’t notice the 3 hours pass. On a side note, Kate Blanchet looks AMAZING in it and of course there’s Brad Pitt for the girls.

One thing in particular that the film made me think about was the value of keeping a diary. While some things may seem insignificant and unworthy of note now, in the future it will be nice for me to look back and remember things I may have forgotten. Perhaps other people will be interested too but I think a diary is a mostly a personal record for one’s own pleasure. While my own life and experiences may not be significant to other people they are, to me, the my most treasured posessions as they remind me of who I am.