June 2009

Day 81 – Philo’s, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Ah, Philos’. The home of good coffee and excellent savouries. You can also find my wife Janet in there any luch-time she happens to be “working from-home”


Day 80 – Peeper, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

It’s been a hot day here again and the neighbours were having a birthday party for their two year old son. Janet and I stopped by for some beers and BBQ but I’m a little sad I didn’t try out the bouncy castle … it looked awsome!

Day 79 – Passing time, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Grabbed this outside the City Hall in the Market Square in Nottingham.

p.s. I also had my first “Explored” photo on flickr today, very exciting 🙂

Burnt Knees, originally uploaded by AndyLane78 ~ is back with many photos!.

Hi all,

I’ve been away for a while on a very lovely holiday in the Maldives and rather than flood my blog with weeks worth of images I’ll direct you to my flickr site (www.flickr.com/photos/shareandenjoy) to catch up with my 365. Daily posts will resume here tomorrow but for today here is my favourite image of the holiday.

Day 54 – Movement, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

Another day, another photo. It’s getting tricky to keep taking pictures I’m happy with. Could be a bit of a slump but I think it’s just that I need to go out in the evenings after work more and venture further afield.

I’m off to the Maldives next week so that should fire up my creative juices, can’t wait!

Day 54 – In Loving Memory, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

My wife’s gran passed suddenly but not totally unexpectedly today. This lead to a mad rush to organise a flight out or LA for my mother-in-law. This was somewhat hampered by a stealthy change in US immigration law which happened in January 2009 and almost threw a spanner in the works. Thank goodness my wife is a lawyer and not unfamiliar with “the small print” and arguing her case over the phone!

My love and happy memories to my extended family Rubik, Marlaine, Garen, Marineh, Zizi and my wife Janet.

The photograph is copyright of Garen Khanoyan

Day 53 – Hangin’ out the window, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

Sometimes you just can’t beat a good sunset. I spent a fair amount of time setting up a shot this evening (lightbox, flash, stands, tripod, props etc). But as I was packing my stuff away I saw this out of the study window. What can you do?