My name is Andrew, I was born in Brighton in the south of England and now I live in Nottingham, in the middle of England. I share a house with my wife Janet and our two cats. I’m a big fan of American Football and sports in general, I do a bit of photography in my spare time, I love good movies and music. I’m 30 and I still love reading a good comic book or two, sad isn’t it 😉 I’m on facebook, myspace and flickr, I have my own website which I think may be a little too much web presence to be effective – I may cut back on these. I also I host a fortnightly radio show on Brap FM.

I’m not entirely sure what this blog is specificaly about. In general it’s about me and it’s for me, but I’d like to think it’s relevant, in parts, to people just passing through. I may talk about Photography, Computers/Technology/Gaming, Holidays, News/Current Events, Sports, Comics/Graphic Novels, Music, Religion and other things which occur to me as I go about my days.

I think I probably write best/more at night, I seem to become less inhibited when I’m tired. I have so many “great” ideas just before I drop off to sleep and never have the nerve to write them down in the morning … if I remember them.



3 Responses to “About”

  1. chloë Says:

    hey thanks for the comment
    you should put :
    in your website bit in users – my profile
    so when you comment it gets linked back to here
    but i had to google you lol

    1. andylane78 Says:

      haha! Thanks for the tip, glad to know I am google-able though 😉

  2. Slightly Me Says:

    What a fantastic blog! Really wonderful photography. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Kate

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