Day 84 – Biffy, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

“Let’s go, I wanna go. All the way to the horizon” ~ Biffy Clyro (Mountains)

It’s been an amazing week’s worth of weather so far, the tennis at Wimbledon has been amazing. Students everywhere have been lounging about dodging taxes and topping up their tans while I’ve been stuck on an office with no air-con!

Still with scenery like this it’s hard to complain …



My friend Emily came to visit today, after a top veggie meal at local eatery “Squeek” we walked past Rock City as a gig was kicking out. All the usual sweaty and euphoric people were present and correct, I’m not sure who was playing but it was a pretty mixed crowd, young and old, boys and girls.

1950's reissue Fender Stratocaster

1950's reissue Fender Stratocaster

Here is my very well loved 1950’s reissue Fender Stratocaster. It’s suffered through many a gig with me over the years. The fact that it’s virtually bombproof meant it’s been put to the test in the roughest of clubs when I just couldn’t risk the infinitely more fragile Gibson SG, which is reserved for special occasions 🙂

Day 8 – Radio gaga, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

Every other Friday night (between 10pm and midnight UK time) I host a radio show on Here’s a little pic of where I while away those hours 🙂

Council House 2, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

It’s Monday which means the weekend is over, booo! But it was a nice weekend and I managed to remember to take my camera about with me so I took some snaps of the Old Market Square and the big wheel which is currently taking up most of it

On the bus this morning we had 3 generations of personal music player present. I was listening to my iPod, the bloke across from me had a personal CD player and a girl two seats in front of me was actually listening to a casette walkman! For those of you too young to remember, casettes were what preceeded CDs for the mass-distribution of music and audio in general.

Just seeing it took me back to my early teenage years, slumped on a beanbag making mix-tapes on my dad’s stereo. It wasn’t as easy as it is now, if you were transfering from a casette tape, you had to find the start of the song manually (unless you had a snazzy deck which could tell where one song ended and another started). You had to make sure the levels going out of the “Play” deck were not too high so you didn’t get any distortion on the recording.

You also only had 30 or 45 minutes to work with per side so you actually had to take the track lengths from the the inlay and work out what was going to fit on your tape! Then you actually had to be there, ready to stop the recording at the end of each song and switch the tapes and manually spool the tape forwards past the white leader tape to get the start of the black magnetic part!

Lots of fun though and it actually kept me occupied for hours as a kid. I’m not sure I miss it as such but it’s another thing which the kids of today won’t have as something to occupy their time.

Two posts in one day! What madness is this? Well I thought I ought to say that I uploaded the backlog of shows I’ve done over the last two months to the Brap FM website.

Sadly, I did it first thing this morning so they were not uploaded in date order but nevermind! You can download, or stream them by going to and clicking “Exile with AndL” in the list of shows on the left hand Nav Bar.