Day 52 – Tulip, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

What a great weekend, great weather, good friends and BBQs. I hope the summer will bring us more of this this year! Thanks to Vanessa for providing the subject of today’s photo.



Despite some intermittent showers I spent the day in the garden doing the weeding and generally trimming, cutting and clearing. I really had to cut back the rambling rose pretty hard but as you can see it’s starting to flower so I couldn’t go too crazy on it.

Ornamental Bulbs

Ornamental Bulbs

Today it’s a little bit of neon, these are some ornamental bulbs we have. I have to say I’ve never thought much about them but it’s amazing how when you’ve been out all evening at a restaurant with your wife, you’ve come home late and realised that you’ve still not taken today’s picture that the oddest inspirations can hit you!

Day 17 – Bush, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

Macro shot of a bush which is just comming into flower in the back garden. I have not touched this in any sort of post processing software, it’s straight out of camera.