Day 80 – Peeper, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

It’s been a hot day here again and the neighbours were having a birthday party for their two year old son. Janet and I stopped by for some beers and BBQ but I’m a little sad I didn’t try out the bouncy castle … it looked awsome!


Day 51 – BBQ, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

This weekend we have some friends visiting from “down south”. The weekend was spectacular so we decided to have a BBQ in our newly re-furbished garden. Great weekend so far, still got Sunday to look forward to 🙂

Day 16 – Vines, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

On a lovely sunny day, actually on a lovely sunny Saturday, we had to wait in all day because the electricity company had to com round and change our meter.

He showed up at 3pm so while the power was off I decided to take some snaps in the graden.

Day 7 – And on the seventh day …, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

Two posts in one day!! Not again?!

Well as I’ll be blogging my 365 project now I figure I ought to keep on top of it so here’s today’s offering. It’s been seven days of tough photography but I made it, only 358 to go!