Day 80 – Peeper, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

It’s been a hot day here again and the neighbours were having a birthday party for their two year old son. Janet and I stopped by for some beers and BBQ but I’m a little sad I didn’t try out the bouncy castle … it looked awsome!


Sometimes you just can’t beat a good sunset. I spent a fair amount of time setting up a shot this evening (lightbox, flash, stands, tripod, props etc). But as I was packing my stuff away I saw this out of the study window. What can you do?


This corridor was a lot narrower than I was expecting, however 10 seconds was plenty of time to get into position and point the flash in the right direction. In this shot the flash has a home-made snoot on it and I’m holding it at arms length and pointing it back at my head.