Day 83 – A Late One, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Janet pulling a late one out in the garden on a very warm summer’s evening.

On the way home

On the way home

Took a few cheeky snaps on my compact while I was waiting for the bus on the way home from hospital. There’s lots to see in this one 🙂

The view

The view

So it’s Friday, here in England it’s a 3-day weekend (gotta love Bank Holiday Mondays) and I’ve had a pretty damn good week at work. I’m on the radio tonight ( – 10pm to midnight – Exile with AndyL) so expect an even more cheerful show than usual!

This is the view out of the window to the left of my desk, heavily edited in photoshop, it’s actually a merge of 3 exposures, tweaked, then converted to b&w then tweaked some more 🙂 I do love photoshop!

Janet and I are off to Birmingham tomorrow so I’m not sure I’ll be able to upload tomorrow’s image tomorrow so it’ll be a double post on Sunday I guess.

Anyway, gotta put my set list together and get ready to greet the weekend!

Day 12 – Home Time, originally uploaded by AndyLane78.

On my way home, just pulling out of the car park and into traffic, all looked fine until I went up the ramp to the dual carriage-way where an accident was backing up traffic. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad and we went through pretty quickly.