Day 82 – JD, originally uploaded by Andy Lane ~ Notts.

Bit of a late one tonight, but I’ve been following Dustin Diaz’s 365 and he’s got a lot of inspirational Strobist work up there and it’s well worth taking a look at if you are after inspiration, google him I’m sure he’ll pop up!

Anyway I busted out my ebay strobe (Nikon SB24) and went happily about blasting ight at this poor, unsuspecting bottle of liquid gold. I used a sliver brolly to reflect the light from the strobe (positioned low and to the left of frame behind the bottle) as a fill.


It was a busy bank holiday weekend and I’ve not had time to post my photos so here’s a quick 2 post catch-up 🙂


Day 47 – Break Glass

Ok, I understand the message but I have absolutely no idea what the key is for …


Day 46 – Pilot

Today saw the presentation of the inagural Bulwell Forrest FC Paper Aeroplane Pilot’s Licence. The competition was staged to raise funds for a local junior football team. Simple idea – lots of fun. That pretty much caps of the busiest bank holiday weekend ever!


Day 45 – The Paws

This is Rosie in her natural habitat, above the hot water pipes on the landing.


Day 44 – Lewes Castle

Today we went back to Brighton for a friend’s wedding, they had the reception in Lewes which is the village I grew up in. I have lots of great memories there and we spent a little while wandering around visiting old haunts. I thought the castle looked particularly nice in the evening light.


Day 43 – Moderns

We set off late to dirve down to Brighton to avoid the worst of the Bank Holiday Weekend traffic, so we got dinner at a nice pub by the river and close to the Nottingham Modern’s Rugby Club. No game tonight though.


This corridor was a lot narrower than I was expecting, however 10 seconds was plenty of time to get into position and point the flash in the right direction. In this shot the flash has a home-made snoot on it and I’m holding it at arms length and pointing it back at my head.


Despite some intermittent showers I spent the day in the garden doing the weeding and generally trimming, cutting and clearing. I really had to cut back the rambling rose pretty hard but as you can see it’s starting to flower so I couldn’t go too crazy on it.

Paddling in the fountain

Paddling in the fountain

Well, despite the fact that this was taken on Saturday, a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night meant I was not able to upload this yeaterday! It was, however, a very good night and I was only briefly troubled by a hang-over this morning so all in all it’s been a good weekend and I’m on the Sunday wind-down, easing my self into a good mood for Monday.

One more photo to post for today though which I’ll be doing later this evening.

There is no chocolate, only Zuul!

There is no chocolate, only Zuul!

I’m going to stop blogging these posts from flickr as the pics always seem to frame badly so hopefully the extra few seconds it takes me to upload the pics here will be worth it 😉

I’m going through a bit of a good patch for inspiration at the moment, I did have a shot I wanted to take on Sunday but I can keep it in reserve until the muse is gone. For today/tonight … I thought i heard soft footsteps going down the stairs.